The Shawnee Room
Italian Style Dinner

    Served Buffet Style

$11.50 per person



Coffee, Tea, Milk, Soda

And Garlic Bread



(Choice of one)


Tossed Garden Salad or Anti pasta


Entrée #1

(Choice of one)


Chicken Scampi over noodles

Stuffed Shells


Tortellini Alfredo with Peas and Bacon


Entrée #2

(Choice of two noodles and two sauces)


  Noodles                                             Sauces


  Angle Hair                                          Meat

                                      Spaghetti                                            Marinara

                                      Linguini                                               Clam

                                      Fettuccini                                            Alfredo

                                      Penne                                                 Cheddar Cheese

                                      Macaroni                                            Marinara with meat balls



On the above add service charge on food & beverages. Add 6% sales tax on
Food & soda only.

No date guaranteed without a deposit of 10% or $100.00 which ever is greater.
Room that is used Venues Discretion

When making final reservations (2 weeks prior to event) payment of 40% is due.
 Balance is due day of event.

The number ordered stands in the event fewer Persons are served.

 Any Returned checks will incur and additional $35.00 Charge.

Deposits are non-refundable

(Prices are subject to change)

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